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Labor Day Lawn Chores

It’s a busy time of year. The kids are going back to school, fall sports are starting full-swing and your lawn and household chores are building up. With Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer, there are a few lawn chores you should schedule in to your long weekend plans.

1. Mow the Lawn

Before you dive in to the other chores on this list, you’ll first want to mow your lawn! Make sure you are cutting your Westport, CT lawn at the right height. Visit our Mowing Tips page for more information.

2. Fertilize  

When was the last time you fertilized your lawn? If you can’t remember or you haven’t fertilized since the spring, then it’s been too long! After the scorching summer heat, your lawn needs nutrients to help it recover, while promoting new root growth. Fertilizer is a key component needed to thicken up your lawn heading into to fall lawn care season.

3. Dethatching

Over time, bits of dead grass, leaves and other debris gather just above the soil. This layer is known as thatch. A little bit of thatch can be beneficial for your lawn, allowing organic material to be broken down, ultimately infusing the soil with nutrients. However, if this layer continues to build up, it can act as a barrier preventing vital nutrients, water and sunlight from penetrating the soil hence weakening your Westport, CT lawn. Before dethatching, mow your lawn a little bit shorter than normal. Use a dethatching rake to remove the layer of debris. You’ll see best results if you do this after light rain or watering!

4. Aerate & Seed

Your lawn may have taken a bit of a beating over the summer months with the hot, dry conditions, paired with increased foot traffic. These conditions can result in compacted soil and bare patches on your lawn. In order to relieve compaction, aeration will be extremely beneficial, while also helping water and nutrients to reach the grass roots. Visit our Core Aeration page for more information.

Seeding at this time of the year is ideal because there is still adequate sunlight with increased precipitation and cooler temperatures.

5. Adjust Your Sprinkler System

During the summer months, your lawn often requires more watering. However, as we transition into September it is important to adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Overwatering your lawn can be damaging, so monitor rainfall and make sure your lawn is receiving 1 ½ inches a week. Visit our Watering Tips page for more information.
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